Adventure Indonesia

Outdoor Experiential Learning

Adventure Indonesia®  specializes in revealing the genuine faces of Indonesia. We encourage you to explore various places, cultural, and historical sites all over Indonesian Archipelago.  It could be a beautiful rice field, an old abandoned building, a way of life, a certain culinary, or an old saying. We desire to take you to found out its relation to your  contemporary culture and Indonesian’s culture, natural life, and religions.




An adventurous quest designed to encourage more about independent & responsible life style.

A medium to apply entire knowledge lesson at their educational institution.

An exciting educational opportunity as a member of global citizen exploring all the wonders of Indonesia.


DURATION: 3-7 Days

OUTCOME: Safety, Comfortable, Joyful and Memorable Experience, Respect, Time Management, and Positive Attitude.


​Nature, Art, Cultural, Social studies and exploration, backpacking, diving, mountaineering, Student Field Trip, Live In.

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