Adventure Indonesia

Outdoor Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning Method

Our basic foundation methodology references from Experential Learning method and Adventure Experience Paradigm (AEP) that promote young generation to develop their character & learn their values, and skills through positive activities,  reflections, and can be implemented on their daily life after programs.  ADVENTURE INDONESIA® Youth Program Core’s based on three integral  elements: Attitude, Leadership, and Safety Management. Every single aspect and  elements utilize these parts as a paradigm and basic foundation for your growth and  development.

Our Educational Student Tours programs are tailored with the fittest of all aspirations, schedules, and interests of all youth, from elementary schools to master degree students,  ranging from young people on a gap year to those looking to make their life extraordinary.

The program is specially design, developed and improves for students or young people. We have operating this program for International Schools, World Colleges, National and Overseas Schools.  Perfects blend of activities for finest fun and educative experience. Arrange in Bali, very beautiful island with legendary traditional heritage and great culture, a very safe and friendly place. Sets of adventure activities, cultural experience, traditional wisdom, journeys tour, social works / live in experience presenting in very advance Experiential Learning Team Building Method.

Supporting by best effort of our years of tour operator experience and team of outbound training with hundreds training track records in delivering Team Building course. All of these advantage enable students to have full learning experience while they are enjoying all the activities. All benefit of Tour Recreation and refresh, Personality and Team Development, Social and Cares, Lifetime Experience in 01 single program.

We can adjust the duration and difficulties level of this program following your requirement. It is also possible to operate in other famous place: Yogyakarta, Komodo Island, Sumatra and Borneo.  Feel free to contact us for your students best experience and full learning program.